Long Valley Speech

Claudia M. Wagner - M.Ed.CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist: Long Valley, New Jersey

Does Your Child Need Speech Therapy?

Here are some warning signs that might indicate your child needs speech therapy. Any one of these warning signs is a cause for concern. 

  1. If your child is not speaking in short phrases by 2-years old. 
  2. If people outside your family cannot understand your 3-year old child.
  3. If your child has difficulty chewing with his mouth closed and will only eat soft foods.
  4. If your child stutters.
  5. If there are errors in your 4-year old child's sentence structure.
  6. If your child is embarrassed or disturbed by his speech at any time.
  7. If your child avoids verbally communicating.
  8. If your child's word endings are consistently missing after age 5.
  9. If your child sounds as if he's talking through his nose or as if he has a cold.
  10. If your school-aged child has: a difficulty following directions, difficulty with reading tasks (interpreting inferences or in drawing conclusions) or difficulty in thought organization.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your concerns regarding your child at 
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